Monica Allara

Übersetzerin und Dolmetscherin

What I can offer you:

  • translations of German, English and Spanish texts into Italian
  • German, English and Spanish translations of texts written in Italian (in collaboration with other translators who are native speakers)
  • business interpreting at meetings and trade fairs
  • Community Interpreting (accompanying clients to discuss matters with local authorities, schools, in advice centres and doing hospital interpreting)
  • private tutoring in Italian

My areas of expertise include the following subjects in IT and other technical disciplines:

  • telecommunication
  • paints, coatings and additives
  • domestic electrical appliances
  • floor-mat systems
  • construction systems for doors, windows and security purposes
  • vehicle construction
  • TV DVD players and software
  • metrology and control engineering
  • equipment used in caravans
  • mounting and fittings systems
  • software localization
  • medical devices

My expertise in subjects covered by paper and digital media includes the following:

  • websites
  • articles on academic and cultural subjects for magazines and journals
  • health and nutrition
  • company newsletters

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